Who Should Apply?

BreakLine works with veterans and transitioning service members who are interested in mid-level management or mid-level/senior technical roles in major U.S. tech hubs, including the Bay Area, Austin, Denver, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and New York.

Successful candidates have demonstrated the following:


Capacity to influence, inspire, and motivate others to achieve a shared goal

Intellectual Horsepower
BreakLine participants work in teams to solve business challenges.

Potential to thrive in a fast-paced learning environment


Determination to bounce back from failure or impediments

BreakLine Tech is designed for veterans transitioning into the tech industry

Ability to make a team stronger, smarter, and more efficient


Knack for imaginative, agile problem solving and experimentation

Admissions Process

  • Application Process | Step 1 - Application
    Application Form
  • Application Process | Step 4 - Recommendations
  • Application Process | Step 3 - Interview
  • Admissions Decision
BreakLine Testimonial | Green Beret
"People tinker around the edges, helping with resumes or entry-level roles. BreakLine cuts right to the core to connect veterans with careers commensurate with their potential."
—Orin Brown, Green Beret

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