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Sales Development Representative

About BreakLine

BreakLine is a social impact startup that builds affordable pathways to compelling careers in tech. Our programs for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and veterans combine skills-based training with professional networking and connect participants directly with potential employers in the tech industry. BreakLine participants find career opportunities commensurate with their experience and potential and our partner companies access a new pipeline of exceptional candidates. We collaborate closely with many industry-leading companies, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Gusto, and Confluent.

We are a scrappy team that sticks to our values. You can read about our work and outcomes on our homepage, through our company  and founder posts on LinkedIn, and in the SF Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal, and on ABC News. Learn more about BreakLine’s origin story in this podcast episode of The BreakLine Arena.

About You

BreakLine is looking for a rockstar Sales Development Representative (SDR) to join our team. This is the perfect role for someone that is mission-focused, has relentless hustle, and is passionate about helping solve customer challenges. As an SDR, you will be primarily responsible for growing the number of tech companies that are actively partnering with BreakLine. As a company, we have big growth goals this year and this role will be the key driver for achieving them. If you want to be in the center of the action at a fast-growing startup, this is your dream role.

What You Need to Succeed

  •  Belief in Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) as a business driver for tech companies
  • Willingness to hear “no” many times without losing any fire or drive to succeed
  • A bias towards “listening first” to understand partner challenges and how BreakLine can help
  • Ability to clearly communicate BreakLine’s value in relation to a partner’s most pressing needs
  • Consistently identify opportunities for improvement and seek out feedback and coaching
  • You crave challenging roles and love working hard, hustling, and having a good time
  • Excellent time management and an ability to effectively and dynamically prioritize tasks

BreakLine does not have a physical office and the team works remotely.

What You Will Do

  • Be the face of BreakLine responsible for learning about prospective partners and sharing the value our team can provide to their company
  • Create qualified meetings and opportunities with new prospects that will become raving customers of BreakLine in the future
  • Become educated on the DEI and talent acquisition trends in tech, buyer personas, best practices for sales development, and enterprise sales processes
  • Gain experience in outbound sales by using multi-touch cadences consisting of prospecting, email outreach, cold calling, and LinkedIn social selling to build relationships with prospects
  • Improve our outbound motion by constantly testing and tweaking approaches with prospects – collecting data and collaborating with the team to share your findings
  • Receive best-in-class mentorship on how to be a strategic and successful SDR to accelerate your career into becoming an excellent Team Lead and Account Executive
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© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.