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Program Description

Targeted Approach to Career Transition

BreakLine provides education and coaching for exceptional, high-performing people of color from under-tapped populations who are interested in pivoting into tech. You will receive access to a robust curriculum designed to help you successfully land a role in tech, build your professional network, and join an active community of BreakLiners nationwide. The BreakLine team will guide you through the entire process, from resume reviews, to sourcing relevant roles, to interview prep, until you land and accept a role. We stick with you every step of the way!

BreakLine also offers a 1-day virtual program that provides an additional behind the scenes look at our partners. We host workshops, in-depth discussions with industry leaders, and provide an inside look at top tech companies. Attending a program isn’t mandatory, but it’s highly recommended! Once you’re admitted into BreakLine, you are eligible to attend any of our upcoming programs. If you’re unsure of which program to attend, our team can help you select one that best aligns with your timeline.


Career Transition Class

Interested in seeing BreakLine Education in action? Sign up for our Career Transition Class! This class covers the exploratory phase of a career transition. It focuses on how to advocate for yourself with employers who may not understand your experience, general interview etiquette, and how to find and go after roles that interest you. Sign up here!



Key Takeaways

You can apply the skills you learn through BreakLine directly to the workplace.

BreakLine Takeaway | Business Fundamentals
Business Fundamentals

Build the business foundation you need to launch your career in tech.

BreakLine Takeaway | Industry Insights
Industry Insight

Gain insight into the tech industry that will help you to hit the ground running.

BreakLine Takeaway | Communication & Style
Communication & Style

Develop your personal elevator pitch and translate your experience.

BreakLine Takeaway | Mentorship

Meet mentors who can help you navigate your transition.

BreakLine Takeaway | Network

Connect with industry leaders and grow your professional network.

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