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Bruna Moscol

GTM Strategy & Operations, Landed



The BreakLine Education team is thrilled to introduce you to Bruna Moscol, one of our amazing BreakLine Apexers who recently joined the terrific team at Landed. This is part of her story.

“Growing up as an undocumented immigrant was an enormous, almost impossible challenge. Basic necessities for a young person: a driver’s license, financial aid, a scholarship, a job – were all out of reach.

“But I had a series of lucky breaks—some because of my academic performance and drive, and some because others showed up to help.

“The first stroke of luck was getting to go to a small Catholic university. My parents washed cars for a living; there was no way they could have paid for it. But the university made a unique exception for me and gave me a privately funded scholarship for one year.

“After that, I applied to Massachusetts Institute of Technology one of the seven schools in the country admitting undocumented students at the time. From the moment I saw ‘Congratulations!’ on the letter from the MIT admissions office, I knew that my life and my family’s life had changed forever.

“I graduated from MIT and started working in tech, quickly rising up the ranks in sales. After four years, I realized I wanted to transition to a strategy role, where I could help steer the direction a company headed in. But every time I applied, companies asked me to pursue the same client-facing sales role I was trying to move on from.  

“BreakLine contacted me on LinkedIn, and it was obvious from our first meeting that they could help me transition into a new role. I knew they cared about me and they had my back.

“BreakLine connected me with Landed, for a role that was just what I’d been looking for. The more I learned about their mission—helping essential professionals buy homes in the communities they serve—I knew it was exactly the place for me.

“My own parents lost their home after the 2008 crash. It was heartbreaking to have a piece of the American Dream and then watch it slip through your fingers. So it means a lot to me to contribute to a company that helps more families become homeowners.”

“The most honest piece of advice that I can give is that the world is unfair sometimes. You have to advocate for yourself. There are people who will meet you halfway to help if you walk your half to make the magic happen.”

© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.