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Chip Kruger

Senior Data Engineer, Skydio



BreakLiner Carl (Chip) Kruger Kruger recently joined Skydio as a senior data engineer. Here is part of his story!

“I graduated from West Point and spent 11 years in the Army. During that time, I deployed twice to Afghanistan and led about 200 soldiers.

After transitioning out of active duty, I accepted an opportunity to lead a team of 10 data scientists and engineers in the defense consulting industry.

Yet, I always wanted to jump to tech. I had a few connections but no concrete avenues into the sector.

Some friends told me about BreakLine Education. I applied immediately, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. (Besides marrying my wife, of course – 12 years and two kids later, we’re still going strong!)

As I learned about various companies through BreakLine, I found myself drawn to Skydio due to its mission. They have really amazing solutions for search and rescue, law enforcement, and the military.

My mom is a sheriff’s deputy and my brother is a senior at West Point. I thought if Skydio is going to sell drones to the organizations my family works for, I want to make sure we’re providing them with the very best products that will make their jobs easier and safer. 

I was thrilled to receive an offer to join Skydio’s team. I also negotiated for a drone. Not just any drone – the enterprise version, so I can inspect all the gutters for my neighbors. When I asked, my hiring manager got a big smile on his face and said, ‘I will absolutely make sure you get one.’

The big thing I learned in this process is my “why.”

If you go for an interview and you don’t understand why you are in that room, you won’t be a compelling candidate.

My ‘why’ is to be involved in something that will positively impact people’s lives in a big way.”

Chip, we are thrilled you’ve found your ‘why’ along with a great career at Skydio. Thanks to Tiffani Peeler, Anna Wiesenthal-Birch,
Dai Tran , Trevor King, Mike Ross for their partnership!

All of our gratitude to Saydeah Howard, Blair Shane, Stephanie Bui, and the team at IVP for underwriting this win!

© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.