I’m interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry, but I don’t have any tech experience. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, definitely! Our partners are looking to fill both technical and non-technical roles so prior tech experience is not required. What is required is a passion for the industry and the drive to make the most of the opportunities BreakLine provides.


What is the difference between the Apex, Mavens and Veterans tracks?

The BreakLine Apex track is designed for people of color from all backgrounds.

The BreakLine Mavens track is designed for people from all backgrounds who identify as women.

The BreakLine Veterans track is designed for military veterans and transitioning service members.


What if I identify with more than one track (i.e. Veteran + Maven + Apex)?

Many of our BreakLiners identify with multiple communities! Applicants have the opportunity to select any and all communities they identify with in our application. If admitted, you will have the opportunity to participate in all relevant programming.


Does BreakLine work with enlisted veterans or only officers in the military?

Yes, we work with enlisted veterans! We have worked with incredible participants from a variety of military backgrounds, including both enlisted and officers.


I am a veteran and have already transitioned. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes! BreakLine works with individuals who are currently transitioning, as well as veterans who have already separated and transitioned into a post-military role and are now looking to make a pivot into the tech industry.


I currently work in tech, but I would love to find my next role with BreakLine. Can you still help me?

Yes! BreakLine also works with people who are already working in tech and are now looking to make the next jump in their career.


Do you work with SkillBridge?

The SkillBridge program is oriented for those who are interested in an internship, while BreakLine works to identify and connect our participants to the full-time roles at our partners.


I just enrolled in a graduate program. Can I still apply for BreakLine?

BreakLine is focused on full-time employment, and it is therefore best to apply when you are ready to kickstart your career search. We recommend applying to BreakLine 6 months before your graduation date.




How much does BreakLine cost?

There is no fee, but we expect participants to roll up their sleeves and hustle. We consider your tuition to be the effort you put into the program.


How often does BreakLine run programs?

A new cohort kicks off every week. Our team will help you identify the best cohort to join based on your availability.


How large are the cohorts for each program?

Each cohort typically includes 15-20 people.


What happens after the program ends?

BreakLine sticks with you every step of the way! After the program ends, we will continue to work with you until you accept an offer. Once you’re a BreakLiner, you’re always a BreakLiner!


Application Process


What does your application process look like?

The first step is an online application form consisting of four essay questions. If you are invited to the next round, the BreakLine team will reach out to you to schedule a video interview and you will be asked to submit contact information for two professional references. Your references will be asked to complete a short online recommendation form. After your interview, it typically takes between 2-4 weeks for the admissions team to reach out to you with a decision.


Partners & Opportunities


What types of companies does BreakLine partner with?

We partner with top tech companies! You can see a list of our partners here.


What types of roles do BreakLiners find through the program?

We work with participants on an individual basis to help them identify the best areas of focus within the tech industry. Our BreakLiners are in a range of roles, including product management, program management, customer success, sales, people operations, and technical roles, among others. You can see ~60 examples of success stories under the Meet Our BreakLiners section on our homepage.


What level are the roles BreakLine connects participants to? 

We match our participants with opportunities that are commensurate with their experience and skill level. We work with entry, mid-, and senior-level participants.


Are the roles offered through BreakLine partners exclusively in Silicon Valley?

BreakLine’s partners are hiring across the U.S. The majority of these opportunities are located in established tech hubs, including the Bay Area, Austin, and Washington, D.C., as well as smaller, emerging tech hubs such as Denver, Seattle, and New York City. Additionally, some of our partner companies offer remote roles.


How long does it typically take people to get hired after the program? 

Though it varies from participant to participant, the average timeline for hiring within the tech space tends to be about 2 months from initial phone screen to offer. Many factors influence this timeline, including both the company’s process and timeline for the specific role you are interviewing for and your availability.


Does BreakLine require exclusivity?

No, BreakLine does not require exclusivity. As a participant, there is no obligation to accept an offer from one of our partner companies. We believe our participants should explore all available opportunities during their transition. Our team will work with you closely as you prepare for interviews and navigate opportunities, regardless of whether they are with a BreakLine partner. When it’s time to accept an offer, you should feel confident that you are making the best choice for you and your family. Your success is our success, and we want you to land and accept a role that you’re excited about. Now is not the time to settle!


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to questions@break-line.com!

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