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Gabriella Riffle-Gonzalez

Federal Operations Manager, Scale AI



Please join us in congratulating BreakLine Education alum Gabriella Riffle-Gonzalez, who joined Scale AI as an Operations Program Manager. Read part of her story here!

“I graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2017. As a midshipman, I had admired the Marines. I noticed how they presented themselves with professionalism and authority. It was an honor to commission into the Marine Corps as a signals intelligence officer. 

My service spanned light armored vehicles, electronic warfare support. I deployed with the infantry to Norway. My wife is also an active-duty Marine. She deployed to Afghanistan, and we spent a lot of time apart. After 5 years, I decided to transition out of the Marine Corps in order for us to have more time together as a family. 

Gabe Sganga encouraged me to apply to BreakLine. I was admitted and paired with Lauren Faul as my coach. She is my favorite person at BreakLine, and I have no shame in saying that. Everyone loves Lauren. Jacob Sheehan, my boss at Scale, is also a BreakLiner and he agrees with me!

Lauren suggested that I interview with Scale. When I met Jacob, a West Point graduate and special forces veteran, I felt at home. We spoke the same language, and I also appreciated the free-spiritedness, the self-drive, the controlled chaos, a company where I have the opportunity to grow things and shape things, and to learn. I can be myself here.

Further, Scale values having a healthy work environment, a healthy mind, and a healthy body. This combination is what I hoped to find in my post-military career.

My advice to other folks on the hunt for a new chapter is to keep an open mind. 

I originally hadn’t heard of 80% of BreakLine’s partners. That was comforting because I realized there was a huge range of companies I could potentially join. And then when I met with Scale, it was very clear from the very start that I could be my authentic self and that I wouldn’t have to change who I was or try to fit a role. This is my place!”

Congratulations again to Gaby, Jacob Sheehan, Ahmed Moustafa, and the entire Scale AI team for this incredible match!

© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.