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Linsey Fuchs

Senior Customer Success Manager, Dataminr



We are celebrating our BreakLine Education alum, Linsey Fuchs, who joined Dataminr! Here is part of her story:

“I spent 10 years on active duty as an Air Force intelligence officer, in various roles around the world. My husband was also an Air Force pilot for 12 years. We just celebrated 15 years of marriage.

We have two young boys. When we were faced with moving every year and a half, we made the hard decision to pursue our next chapter outside the military.

I always kept an eye on tech. The people in this industry are problem solvers, they move fast. When I transitioned out of the military, I pivoted into a tech startup and spent two years helping to build products.

I like to say I didn’t get an MBA, but with that experience under my belt, I could pass the test right now pretty easily!

When I poked my head up to look for a new opportunity, I was immediately drawn to Dataminr’s mission.

I used Dataminr during my military service. I knew my heart was there and I wanted to be back in the fight, helping the customers that I once served when I was active duty.

I am now part of a team that is always scanning the horizon, learning lessons from various conflicts like Ukraine and looking at where publicly available information can be useful and where we possibly help in the future.

I am so impressed by my team. Even during my interview process, every meeting, every touchpoint was just so phenomenal. The caliber of the folks, the caliber of the product, the size of the company. I am beyond thrilled to be part of it now.

I am an example of the power of BreakLine. Making a big professional leap involves moments of doubt. When those crept up, I kept going because I had the whole BreakLine team behind me. I also reached out to BreakLine alums at Dataminr. Everybody was so gracious with their time, they explained their roles and their paths. BreakLine is a community within the tech community.

If you are thinking about a career pivot, trust your gut. There is a place in tech for you. This industry is desperately in need of your skills.

Speaking to my fellow veterans, in particular, nobody in my startup had previous experience with veterans, but they could see and appreciate the difference.

Your colleagues will see the integrity you bring to your job, the ability to look across the field, and be a team player. Your willingness to knock down walls across various stakeholders or verticals that other folks just cannot anticipate.

One of my mantras is: ‘Put it on my list and I’ll figure it out.’ Veterans think that way, and it’s a huge asset to this sector.”

Congratulations, Linsey Fuchs! Delighted for you and for Team Dataminr. Thank you, Sabrina Maughan, Mac Marrone, Andrew V., Tiziana Garner, Rico Mendiola, and Jennifer Gerschultz for the partnership!

© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.