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Thor Jonsdottir

Strategic Solutions Lead, RR.ai


Customer Success

Congrats to BreakLine Education alum, Thor Jonsdottir, who recently joined RR.AI as a Strategic Solutions lead. Here’s her story: 

“I’m originally from Iceland and I have 7 siblings. We moved to Florida 10 years ago when my mom, who’s a physician, took a job there. 

My mom is an amazing role model. She works hard, raised eight kids, she’s a doctor, and she still makes time for each of us. She always told me to raise my own bar higher than what is expected of me. 

I went to the local college, the University of Central Florida, and fell in love with America. When my mom moved back to Iceland, I stayed. 

My mom, sister, and grandpa are all physicians—and so I followed in their footsteps in college studying science. But by senior year, I realized science might not be what I enjoyed most.

I’m more of a hands-on learner; opening a textbook has never been my thing. I went to a career fair, met with med tech companies, and realized tech and sales were a way better fit.

It felt suddenly like a light was shining inside of me. 

Sales makes so much sense for me. I’ve always loved talking to people and building relationships. Plus, I like working on teams—with 7 siblings, you have to be good at teamwork!—so sales plays to my strengths.

I heard about BreakLine from a friend, and I was immediately drawn to it because it is so committed to empowering women.

From the very first meeting with Alexandra Downey, I could tell she believed in me and could see my strengths. It gave me a ton of confidence.

BreakLine connected me with RR.ai a fast-growing company that has exciting things ahead. The role I interviewed for combines ops and sales, so basically I’d have to figure out what was thrown at me. I loved the idea of that! 

Now that I’m at RR.AI, another BreakLine alum, Jennifer Norman, has taken me under her wing. Everyone here has been so helpful and I’m getting great support. 

My number one piece of advice for those transitioning their career is to have confidence in yourself. BreakLine really helped me with my imposter syndrome, and convinced me to believe I’m worth it.

The other piece of advice I have is to be true to yourself. Investigate different opportunities and be honest with yourself regarding what you’re excited about, what your priorities are, and what you want for your future. Talk to your advisors and mentors. Stay open and stay patient. It will come.”

© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 BreakLine. All Rights Reserved.