We are resilient problem-solvers.

We are creating a new form of education and access. We expect obstacles, challenges, friction, and failures as part of our journey toward changing lives. Taking risks is celebrated. The responsibility to invent, implement, and improve belongs to each one of us, not to someone else. The bigger the issue, the greater our potential for progress once we solve it. And so, we face obstacles with ingenuity, resourcefulness, resilience, and a can-do mindset. This is a team of strivers. When we demonstrate and expand what is possible, others show up to help us build. Bring it.


We are honest.

We understand honesty is proactive, and we believe that being direct is being kind. We speak up in difficult situations when we have something relevant and valuable to add, even if it feels risky or uncomfortable. We are upfront with one another when we are killing it and when we can do better. We listen with the intent to understand, not respond and with the willingness to be adaptable. We expect one another to give and receive feedback because that is how we realize our potential as a team and a company. Everything that is special about BreakLine starts with trust. Therefore, we do not tolerate gossip or other forms of corrosive behavior, and we take responsibility for the impact of our words.


We share energy.

We are bold and courageous. We are here to have a great time while we win. The dynamic we bring to our team and community is contagious. Therefore, we spread positivity far and wide. We actively look for opportunities to acknowledge and appreciate each other in specific and meaningful ways, and we allow ourselves to receive acknowledgment and appreciation. When there are chances to laugh and cheer, to feel proud, grateful and happy, we seize them and pass them on.


We support our tribe.

We celebrate each other’s success and help each other realize greatness. We come to the table when our community needs us, roll up our sleeves and get it done together. We face imposter-syndrome, fear of failure, and self-criticism head-on and tell them to fuck off.


We believe margin delivers mission.

We are building a business instead of a non-profit because this is the most efficient and powerful way to create sustainable access to opportunity. We delight our participants and partners by relentlessly pursuing concrete employment outcomes for our community. Knowing our strength lies in focus, we prioritize our highest-value objectives and decline, delegate, or delay all else. We make tough trade-offs when necessary, and believe in expanding our company through hustle, scrappy experimentation, and real results (not spin). We can build wealth and opportunity for ourselves and our families by creating economic opportunities for others.

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